MONTEVIDEO release party @ Nüba


Pars en voyage musical avec Montevideo @ Nüba

Désolé pour les non-bilingues mais pas besoin de parler anglais pour aller teuffer :

Named after the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo are the tightly knit cluster of four likely lads, four friends who take to their musical ambitions like a souped up Pontiac Firebird to a freshly tarmaced autobahn.
Fronted by singer Jean Waterlot, the present incarnation of Montevideo is not the first one, but as Jean points out ‘Montevideo is 100% a group effort, we truelly thrive on unity.’

A classically trained pianist who went trought an intense jazz period as a trumpet playing teen (‘Chet Baker did it for me – still does’), Waterlot is a musical gourmand. A self-taught bass and guitar player in total awe of Queen and David Bowie, but also into Sonic Youth and the 70s soundtracks of French composer Michel Legrand. ‘To us, Bowie during Heroes is a God. How he materialised from this glampop singer into this complex yet captivating, otherwordly creature is amazing. In my eyes, he’s the epitome of grandness’. Another one of Montevideo’s inspirations is soul legend Marvin Gaye – ‘You can’t help being impressed by the massive aura that man used to radiate’….

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[EDDIE (TDA)]  22H30-END


• 20h / 5h

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