Via son nouvel EP, Max Cooper impressionne

Via son nouvel EP, Max Cooper impressionne!

Via son nouvel EP, Max Cooper impressionne!

Max Cooper n’est peut-être pas le producteur le plus spontanée de sa génération, il n’est peut-être pas homme à se planter derrière ses machines et commencer à produire sans savoir où il va. Non, Max Cooper a toujours un but à atteindre, ses productions sont orientées et ont toujours quelque chose à raconter. Ici, Cooper a voulu traiter du « mouvement au travers du mur du son ». Beaucoup moins abstrait que ce que l’on penserait et surtout superbe.

C’est la douzième sortie de Cooper chez Traum… Et une douzième réussite. Promis, on invite Cooper dans nos pages d’ici peu.

A propos de l’artiste max cooper:

Now a full-time musician and performer, Cooper has released more than 50 original tracks and remixes, with originals primarily appearing on German label Traum Schallplatten. His remixes range from avant-garde composer Michael Nyman to bands like Hot Chip and Au Revoir Simone to techno acts such as Agoria and Dominik Eulberg. He has also been remixed by Adam Freeland. He encourages fans to produce their own videos for his music, with the results displayed on his website.
His music is influenced by his science background and he also cited Jon Hopkins, Sigur Rós and Ólafur Arnalds as influences, adding « mainly electronica more than techno ». He has also commented that some of his album cover artwork is inspired by a graphic designer who is also Cooper’s roommate. As of 2011, he is working with software company Liine on a music production influenced by science. He has performed several festivals including Glade Festival, Bestival, Alpha-ville, Picnik Electronik Festival and the Decibal Festival. He has also shared the stage with artists such as Echaskech and Baltimoroder and released a two-part EP, Conditions One, on 10 December 2012 featuring Braids, Ghosting Season and D/R/U/G/S (aka Callum Wright). In December 2012, he wrote a blog for British music magazine NME. That same month, he achieved the #5 spot on BeatPort’s « Top Artists of 2012 » and also released a music video for the song « Pleasures » which was animated by artist Cédric de Smedt.