[JEU CONCOURS 16 DÉCEMBRE] Creative Recreation x Open Minded

Creative Recreation x Open Minded

Bon allez fini les baguettes, camembert et consort nous repartons vers de nouveaux horizons avec Creative Recreation, ainsi je vous demande de repartir plusieurs années en arrière dans vos cours de récréation et de me retrouver les objets phares de cette époque ?- Si vous me trouvez les images qui vont avec vous marquez des points 😀 Comme d’hab le tout est envoyé à [email protected]

En partenariat avec Cyclones Mag !

Sinon pour votre gouverne Creative Recreation c’est :

About Us
Creative Recreation. The original lifestyle footwear brand.

Founded in the Fall of 2002, the founders were dissatisfied with what the industry was offering. They set out to create a high quality footwear line that addressed the needs of an emerging lifestyle consumer. They wanted to design footwear that they would like to wear. By combining the best attributes of different footwear categories, the comfort of a sneaker with the materialization of a dress shoe, the ultimate crossbreed of lifestyle footwear was born.

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Creativity is a driving force throughout the company, and invention lies at the heart of the brand. Their passion for pioneering this market 10 years ago, is the driving force inspiring Creative Recreation to continually recreate the future of lifestyle footwear today.

Creative Recreation. The original lifestyle footwear brand.