Cycleur de Luxe x Open Minded

Comme on n’a pas fini de vous régaler on continue ce mois de Décembre avec Cycleur de luxe ,maintenant la vraie question qu’on vous pose pour savoir si vous êtes vraiment « Open Minded » est : Pour vous quel coureur cycliste a usé et abusé de toutes les substances illicites ? (interdit de citer le champion). et d’envoyer votre réponse à [email protected] #areyoureallyopenminded

En partenariat avec mes copains de SURL MAG !

Allez Salut

Au passage et question de culture générale Cycleur de Luxe c’est ( pour vous les copains qui parlaient l’anglais ) :

Cycleur de Luxe is the pioneer Vélocouture lifestyle footwear brand reflecting the cycling hype in a continuous design and image-way. since 2010, by Patrick Vanneste
Description de l’entreprise
Cycleur de Luxe was founded over 2 years ago when Patrick Vanneste, cycling amateur and distributor of several shoe brands, first noticed the authentic Flandrien world and the fast growing fashion culture connected to cycling.

Whether in Taipei, London, Paris, Soho or right under the church tower of Westkapelle, he met impassioned cycling fans willing to share their unique arsenal of material anywhere he went.
Cycleur de Luxe bike fashion is sporty, manly and contemporary. The collection oozes character, looks both trendy and authentic and throws a wink at the old cycling shoes from the fifties.

The V-shaped eyestay, angular tongue and perforated leather are totally back in fashion! Cycleur de Luxe doesn’t only pay a tribute to those who have defied the Flemish ‘Koppenberg’, but to everyone who lives life with a sense of good sportsmanship.

Moreover Cycleur de Luxe aims at bon vivants who consider their cycling passion as a way of life. A real Cycleur perseveres, pushes back frontiers and faces the future full of confidence!

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